Polygraph Test Glendale


get a polygraph test in Glendale

polygraph examination
for relationship,
theft, abuse
and much more

More than
35 years of

need a Glendale CA polygraph test today

Let's speak
about how a
for a Glendale
lie detector exam
can help with
your situation
when you contact
818 883-6969

need lie detection in Glendale

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Glendale lie-detector testing

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Our Glendale
polygraph testing
rates are reasonable;
but just a bit past
Universal Studios
the same test
is less costly:
UNDER $150

lie detector exam in Glendale

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Read the interesting
background of TV's
'Polygraph Guy'
and his testing
history since
the 1980s

A Glendale
examination allows
the client to write
up to 4 questions,
following Federal
polygraph guidelines

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test in Altadena

Glendale CA polygraph examination

Yes! It is the
TV polygraph guy.

testing is available
in Glendale and
nearby areas
358 days
of the year

A tip for accuracy:

Yes or No
with your
mouth ONLY,
no head movements,
no body movements,
during each
chart collection.
Likely that
3 charts will
be collected.

Glendale CA lie detector test

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There will be
attachments to
your arm, fingers,
abdomen and chest during your
Glendale polygraph

Since 1988,
John has tested
more than
11,000 persons

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test in Tujunga

Drink plenty of
water in the two
hours prior to the
test, as the examiner
must be able to read
moisture changes at
the fingertip as
you give answers

Glendale polygraph
test video:

Glendale CA polygraph examination

Glendale Polygraph
818 883-6969

Lie detector test
in Glendale CA